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Coyote Stock "WIN" at the NMRA/NMCA event at Atlanta Dragway

That Atlanta Dragway curse is finally smashed into the pavement!Number one qualifier "and" the win on Sunday.Darin had what could be called one of the best weekends of racing in a long time. Yeah, Florida was great this year with the record breaking runs but there's something about that final round win that is so [...]

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Darin Hendricks sets new NMRA Coyote Stock record - AGAIN!

At the first NMRA event in Florida, Darin dusted off "The Cobra" and nailed down the Coyote Stock ET and MPH record. This is the third season in a row Darin has accomplished this amazing feat.The first and only GEN1 to run in the 10.0 range and now the first GEN2 sealed Coyote in the [...]

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Darin Hendricks, Coyote Stock #3107 first race in 2015

After missing the first two races of the 2015 season, Darin Hendricks (#2 in 2014) brought back the familiar 1993 teal Cobra for some heads up racing at the NMRA event in Maryland. Ran a best of 10.357 at 129.87 MPH but spun the slicks a bit too hard and lost on a hole shot [...]

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