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Read through this section of the FlowTech Induction web site and let us help you achieve your ultimate goals with one of our custom designed camshafts and matching valvetrain packages.

Why use a FlowTech Induction "true custom" designed camshaft?

Right from the onset, FTI engineers and designs every camshaft profile, one at a time, with the customer's "specific" project requirements in mind. The goal is to meet, and then exceed our customer's requirements when their camshaft is being developed and finalized.

Many performance shops offer only a very limited selection of camshaft profiles in a vain attempt to cover all of their customer's performance needs. If one of these shop's "so called" custom camshafts is ready for shipment the day you order, how well engineered or designed for your particular combination can their camshaft be?

Think about all the hundreds of possible combinations there are out there! How can a small selection camshaft profiles meet all of your specific requirements?

Of course not, but that's why you're "here" researching your camshaft purchase.

Whether it's for a race only vehicle or a daily driver, each FTI grind is completely designed and engineered for a customer's goals and overall combination. We always take into consideration every facet of the vehicle's dynamics and the customer's goals before a profile is finalized.

Another very important difference when choosing FlowTech Induction is our philosophy of customer follow-up and communication. We always work closely with all our street customers and hardcore racers and are continually informed of their progress and successes.

Whether it's tuning issues, suspension recommendations or just a friendly follow up, we are always going the extra mile to provide the best support for our customers.

Why consider an FTI "true-custom" camshaft over another shop's "off the shelf" camshaft?

Technology changes every day! Every FlowTech Induction camshaft is engineered with the latest state of the art lobe designs available, with new ideas and concepts happening all the time! This ever growing selection of lobe designs allows us to provide a huge selection of camshaft profiles to our customers for maximum performance!

Can "last year's" camshaft provide you with the latest profiles? Absolutely NOT! But a cam design from FlowTech Induction can!

Even our own "shelf" grinds, which most of our dealers carry, are continually evaluated and updated to provide our customers the latest camshaft technology possible. Results are readily available from many of our dealers and their customers.

Our late model EFI customers using the "StreetBeast" or "StreetSweeper" series of custom hydraulic roller camshafts have seen amazing increases in their horsepower and torque numbers. Power levels that set the bar for others to strive for.

General Motors LSX customers using the "StreetBeast" - "HellRaiser" and "Max-Effort" series of custom hydraulic roller camshafts in their LSx Camaros, Firebirds, Corvettes and the new GTOs have seen rear wheel horsepower and torque numbers that make them act like stroker engines.

The "StreetSweeper" and "TOXIC" series camshafts are proven designs that always show their strength on the street as well as the track.

The StreetSweeper series was created to bridge the gap between the proven "StreetBeast" and "Max-Effort" designs while the "TOXIC" line is the big papa being a step or two above the "Max-Effort" design. This series was developed for the serious racer that wants even more!

Just ask around the popular Mustang, LSX and Late model HEMI web sites and we're sure you'll find plenty of satisfied customers.

What about big inch stroker engines and big blocks?

Stroker profiles are no problem at all with our diverse selection of hydraulic and solid roller cam lobes available. We have a huge selection of hydraulic roller camshaft lobes with gross lifts starting at .450" and go to the moon with our BigBoy .714" "Max-Effort" series. Effective duration specs start out with a tiny 206 degree lobe through the lunacy of the "Gorilla" 280 degree lobes.

FlowTech Induction also has solid and hydraulic flat tappet profiles that rival any camshaft designer's selection. Lightweight lifters and oil fed designs are also available.

Having all these possibilities available to our customers is what allows us to develop such a variety of cam profiles from mild to wild for your "bigger is better" engine.

So whether you are running a 331 small block Ford or a 600+ cube big block Chevy, we can provide you with the correct camshaft profile that fits your special needs.

What about the "SPEC" camshafts used in racing classes?

FlowTech Induction has also made its presence known with our "Class Legal" camshafts.

We have specific profiles designed just for camshaft limited "Heads-Up" sportsman classes such as NMRA Factory Stock, NMCA Mean Street and Street Race.

All makes and models can benefit from using our class specific camshaft profiles. Whether you're running a small block Chevy, Ford or Oldsmobile, we can get you into the correct camshaft.

Email us with all your details and let us help!

These restricted lift grinds are designed with the latest state of the art camshaft lobes and matching valvetrain components available.

For the Ford drag racers using hydraulic or solid roller camshafts, there are three different design series available to these "Heads-Up" racers. You can choose from our "Max-Air" series of high torque, quick ramp lobes, our "Soft-Ramp" lobes for more engine RPM and some street duty or our record shattering "HR-7000+" Series lobes for even higher RPM usage.

Such a large selection of designs allows FTI to provide our racing customers with over 85 different camshaft parameters allowing for maximum performance! Top runners in NMRA, NMCA and the new 8.5 Outlaw use them!

Plenty of other top drag racers are using them too but they just ain't tellin' you!

There are some trade secrets involved with these camshafts so you better be serious with your combination before you step up to one of these sticks. There may be a record breaking ET just waiting for you!

Are there "street and strip" camshafts that will survive?

FlowTech Induction has another series of custom camshafts just for "True Street" type racers. These "Tight-Lash" solid roller grinds survive the brutality of the street cruise and will still make tons of "HORSEPOWER" for your engine. These grinds work in conjunction with specially modified GSP billet solid roller lifters that include features to extend their life for street duty.

Bottom line - No matter how much horsepower you want for your monster build up, FTI has the correct camshaft profile available for you. Send us an Email with any of your valvetrain needs. We'll be happy to help you out.

Be prepared when you order your custom camshaft. Very specific engine and drivetrain information is required before the proper camshaft profile can be determined.