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Good afternoon Ed,

I've completed the build a couple of weeks ago and just have to do the Spark Timing on the dyno. Wow man, you really do know your packages! Just wanted to say thanks! The response, sound, and drivability are truly amazing, with no downsides whatsoever.

Thanks again Ed. When I post my build thread, I’ll send you the link.

Take it easy,



*BREAKING NEWS*.....Ed Curtis is STILL the man!

I know nothing of dyno's other than what I've read which is very little. Took my mismatched pile O' parts to a highly respected shop with a reputation of having a "stingy" dyno. A Depac dyno which I had never heard of but 2 engines that I know. 1 made 508 hp and runs 6.40's in a 2700 lb Fox. Another I know made 634 hp and run's 5.70's at 2600 lbs.

Using 1 5/8" headers, because he did not have enough pipe to attach my 1 7/8" side exits, mine made 576 ft/lbs at 5000 and 644 hp at 6600 uncorrected at 1600', 88* and 56% humidity. I am VERY pleased, to say the least! Hopefully get it to the track this weekend.

Gene Stanley


Hey Ed,

Just wanted to give you the heads up i finally got the heads and fast 92mm intake installed. pre dyno # 369.96 RWHP and 340.30RWTQ

New numbers 422.63 RWHP and 376.50 RWTQ

Thank you,

Keith J

2000 Corvette LS1



Everything is good on this end with valve train, checked geometry and all looks good. Thanks for all your help and you will be the go to guy for me from now on, it is a rarity to see someone who is really concerned over your issue and I appreciate you for this.

Roger D. Adams



Just want to say thank you for all the help with the cam swap for my lightning. Finally got it all back together and running yesterday. The thing fired up and runs and sounds fantastic!! I could not be any happier. Hopefully get it to the track here soon. 

Thank you again! Was well worth the wait for all the parts :)



Yo Ed,

My motor made 565 hp with 530 ft./lbs. Remember me? 69 Mach 1 a few years back? AFR 205s with your cam. Car still not on the road but had the motor dyno. 9 pulls. Not bad. Like 600? Even numbers. LOL TTYL

Denny Wiedman


Hi Ed,

Just wanted say thank for designing this cam for me, dyno results far exceeded my expectations for my setup. Made 337rwhp/337rwtq and the torque curve is extremely flat, not bad for a 95,000 mile 302. Please see attached dyno sheet for results. Thanks again. 

Eric Thennes



I got the car all together about a month ago and got all the bugs worked out, it runs and pulls better than I imagined. Just wanted to thank you for all the help and tell you good job on the cam. I praise you every chance I get on Corral I couldn't be more happy. Thanks again.

Tim Cordell


Hello Ed,

I tried attaching video of my car and it's too big of file. And tonight we took Mike’s car out for its virgin run. Very pleased. Car went 6.67 @ 101 right off the trailer with 1.40 60ft. Only 28 degrees timing, didn't know how far to advance it on 93 octane. Also shift point set at 7200. Haven't tried turning shift point or timing up. I'm certain it has some 6.50's in it with more timing and maybe higher shift point. Car pulls hard. We couldn't be happier with either car so far. I'm planning on getting mine out again next Friday and throwing some timing to it and adjusting my rear suspension to get my 60 down.

Allen Wilson/Mike Robinson


Good evening Ed,

I finally finished getting my GTO back together today and headed in for the dyno tune. The car drives like it was stock....until you feed her some dead dinosaurs. Holy cow, no surge or low speed issues. Has a nice little lope at idle too. What a beast. It ended up spinning the drums to the tune of 415 HP and 393 tq. Pretty good for a DD. Thank you for your expertise in speccing this cam out for my car and your responses to my questions. I look forward to doing a few more projects in the coming years, and hope you can help me with cams for them as well.




Hey Ed, 

I have good news. I've had this thing together and running for a year or so but didn't get to the track until recently. I'm still using everything I sent on the tech card and have just "street tuned" it really. 

I wanted to go 10.99 on motor and 9.99 on nitrous. I thought the goals seemed obtainable. 

First pass on motor this thing went:

1.49 60ft

6.50 at 107 1/8

10.21 at 134 1/4

This is at 3200lb, 29* timing, and the two step only at 3600. I was shocked to be honest. I didn't think it would work so well off the spray. 

Thanks again for everything! Nitrous times to come




I ran car again last night and with some minor tweaking of fuel pressure (gonna have a chip done this week) the car ran a 6.94 @ 96.4mph with a 1.44 60ft!!

The sound of this cam running through an x pipe is a head turner at my local dragstrip. I love it!!! You were definitely correct on this cam being a torque monster, it snatches front wheels 10-12 inches high on launch!

Thanks again on my project!! This cam has gotten me over 2 tenths 1/8th mile and 2 mph.

Adam Fyle



Wanted to drop you an Email, finally got the cam in. Took it for a drive this afternoon. Haven’t really tuned it, other than some idle timing and a safe PE to get me started. Gotta say, it pulls hard, especially considering I’m still running the stock manifolds and the LS1 intake. (Still waiting on the headers and LS6 crossover tubes).

The cam degreed almost exactly where it was supposed to, maybe a degree or 2 retarded. This thing pulls hard up to 6000 rpm, where I stopped revving. Thanks for answering all my questions right away, awesome customer service. I’m a very happy camper right now :)

I’ll probably put it on a dyno later this summer, I’ll shoot you an Email with the numbers when I do.

Have a good one,



Hi Ed!

I received the order this afternoon and tried the gasket with the heads and intake and it's almost a perfect fit.... Very happy!! I was also looking at your cam specs and that's exactly what I was looking for Hi lift short duration... Thanks so much for your time and your cam specs are top secret with me....

I think I should have the fastest N.A. SN95 north of the border..... :)

Thanks Marc.


Mr. Ed,

I finally got your cam install and tuned Sunday. After driving from Oklahoma City to Tulsa, 120 miles, it wasn't showing much improvement over my old cam except around 3,500 rpm and it was way quieter. However, my tuner text me shortly after beginning tuning to let me know the new cam wasn't happy with the old tune and it was responding very well to the initial VE tuning and he expected great things with this cam. After working on it for a few hours he let me know it was done and he was very pleased with it and thought I'd be happy.

After leaving his house I was having a hard time keeping it straight and not sliding around all over the place, it was raining a little bit. It's a little soft below 2,000 rpm, but I think that will fix itself with a good set of long tube headers. As I drove a little bit and played around a little, I was getting pretty impressed with it; but the interstate heading back would be the real test, as it has some pretty steep hills and I set the cruise at 85 mph. Well, it pulled the hills without down shifting, even running into the 15-25 mph headwind, and was returning a 14.7 mpg average in those conditions. As I got closer to OKC  the wind picked up to around 40 mph headwinds and it started down shifting on the hills and mpg dropped to 13.0 mpg average. I haven't had a chance to cruise in normal conditions, but I'd expect it to return 15.5 mpg or better. Also, it pulls pretty good all the way to redline; I'm not feeling it signing off early.

Long story short, I'm very happy with the cam and love the crisp, clean, & thumping idle. Also, my tuner is in love with that cam and wants it for his 2014 Silverado with a 5.3. He said he was going to tell all of his buddies about it and get them to order it as well. He also said it was very tuner friendly and the idle was a breeze. So, expect an influx of guys requesting that cam.

Thank you for all of your help!

P.S.  I'm interested in the headers we discussed and curious as to how much they would cost with a y-pipe.  I'm sure that would really bring it to life. Thank you, again. 

Best Regards,

Jared Nance



I ran car last night...weather was in mid 70s with high humidity (cold front was on the way). The closest comparable time slips were from Rockingham Oct 2014 where air temps were very close. I had run a 7.06 @ 94 but that was in November '14 and air temps were in low 40s. I didn't feel that slip should have been in the comparison. The October passes varied that weekend from a 7.16-7.20 @ 93.5 mph (average mph) 60ft times were 1.51/1.52 all weekend.

First pass off the trailer tonight netted a 7.02 @ 95.3 mph, 60ft time was a 1.46!! I couldn't believe it, very impressed! Other than the cam, I had lower intake ported and installed a summit universal x pipe setup w/no mufflers, just turndowns. I’ve done away with the divorced duals using 6" of 3" pipe and 12" long Dynomax race bullets. Tonight I’m hoping to go back to track since the weather will be a lot better since the cold front passed through this am. I should be in the 6s tonight.

Just wanted to say thanks again and that I’m completely satisfied with the results!!

Adam F


Hello Ed,

It was the injectors somewhere bad. Switched them out and now everything works fine (for now).

The top end combo works great! I gained 85 hp so far and the cam sounds great. I appreciated all your help/time putting this together for me!

Thank you,

Brendan McCarthy


Great, thanks for the info Ed.

The cam is great btw, runs really well on the street and track. I went to autocross a few months back to dial the car in with new suspension on street tires, and the car was all tire in first gear, so it was kinda fun to just shortshift 1st into 2nd, and ride the wave of torque. Almost 300rwtq at 2000rpm+ is some serious stuff.

Dmitry Vakhlis



I now have the motor installed and running and all I say is wow. The cam you grounded for my 302 is awesome. I am now looking for a reference for a base line for idle and timing. Combo, trick flow 190cc 11R, ported lower and upper trick flow intake, 1.72 roller rockers, 30lb injectors, and 75mm throttle body. The cam makes this motor what it is and I have told multiple people to look into purchasing from you. Your products and knowledge have never been wrong. Thank you again for the great customer service.

Todd Means



Just wanted to share with you my dyno results. It took me 3 years to build this engine through a move, a zillion kids' school and sports activities, and some financial catastrophes.
I can't thank you enough for your expertise, patience and fantastic customer service.  You told me to get some fat tires for this Mustang, and you were right!  The tuner said I've still got 50 HP left in it if I switch to race fuel as he could only go with 26 degrees of total timing due 10.5:1 compression on 91 octane gas.
The final results are 378 HP / 438 TQ at the wheels through an AOD, edelbrock 750 carb, and a non-lockup converter!  I am more than thrilled with the results!  Obviously there's even more power there with a few simple changes.
It makes peak torque at 2545 RPM!  This will indeed be the ultimate street car. You far exceeded my expectations.

Thanks again for being the best at what you do!
-Jeff Sevison


Hey Ed,

Sorry its been  a while figured I'd give you a update on the car. It's been running great, gone a best of 10.80 at 127 n/a.  Picked up a lil over 3 tenths and 3-4 mph with your cam.  Finally got the nitrous system hooked up now just waiting on the track to dry out. I have a feeling its really going to come to life once it gets the spray.  Hope to get it around 10.0-9.90s on a 100 shot then gradually step it up to the 250 and let it eat! Thanks again for all your help. 




I just spent Saturday in hell! My IAT's were running 100-145 degrees all day long. E-town had their 2nd Street Wars round for 2007 on Saturday. Let me begin by saying it was friggin’ hot & humid. The format is US Muscle against the Imports. Separated by 3 classes - I went in the 13.99 to 13.00 class.

Your head & cam setup insured that my car was consistent all day long. What else can you ask for! All I had to do was look at my IAT's and I could dial my times in.

At the end of the day, I only came in second (yeah I can see the tears now). I lost to a 65-67 Corvette coupe designed for the track after I spun when 3rd gear hit (driver error). My '04 GTO ran with street tires, stock exhaust, stock torque converter etc, etc. I had him in the 1/8th mile - but 3rd hit and that was all she wrote.

My car was never so consistent/predictable before - which when you are running bracket classes is all you can ask for.


Steve P.



Thought you may be interested. I had the new cam installed last week and the car tuned by Jeff Creech.

Results: 408 rwhp/376 rwtq SAE corrected

It was in the mid 90's temp with moderate humidity so I am sure that cost me some. That was a 31 HP/10TQ gain over last time, which was on a different dyno and obviously a different day. The car runs great, way better than ever and I am very pleased with the gains. I was hoping for a few ponies more but some things from my set up may be holding me back.

1.The intake- I know it is not going to flow as much as the FAST, but I was trying to avoid the leaking issues.
2. The heads were not milled at all and that combined with…
3. I used the 04 GM gasket, which from what I hear, is fairly thick so I may be giving up a little compression.

Anyhow, the car runs great and I appreciate all of your help in getting me into the 400 Club.

Dave - 2004 LS1 GTO



I got the damn thing up and running this last weekend and took her to the track! Needless to say, you have one happy customer here! It pulls up to 7000 rpm if I wanted to. I wound up shifting at about 6700 rpm from 1-2 and 2-3. For the 3-4 shift, I went to 6500 rpm. I was only able to make 6 passes on the slicks but ran a best of 11.43 at 121.59 with a best ever 60 ft. of 1.59. The old combo was a best of 11.9 at 116 mph on the same slicks.

Here's what changed with your cam ... of course the titanium retainers, Rollmaster timing set, springs, crane hydraulic roller lifters. Then I went with manual steering a-la Flaming River. I have the car weighing about 200lbs. less this year because the interior is out, except for the drivers seat. I am getting ready to put my 8 pt. moly cage in. I also ditched the stock clutch fan for a Mark 8 fan. I also had to upgrade the clutch and went with a spec stage 5.

It was very warm when we ran...it was in the mid to upper 80's, I know that there are at least 2 tenths and 2mph in it just on a cooler day, plus I need some more seat time. I ran my street tires (Yokohama a520's 255/40/17) first and wound up with a best of 12.04 at 122 mph with a 1.91 60ft.

I made 6 passes on the street tires and decided to bolt on the slicks! I ran 15 degrees of timing and did not mess with it so I don't know if I could have run more or not.

I love how the car sounds idling. Speaking of which, I do still need to tune the car as I am running the chip from last year, so there may be a little more there too. Should be going to the dyno in the next few weeks, so I'll let you know some more numbers when I get those.

I want to run 10's on all motor now and I am closer than I thought I would be, so I want it really bad now! I think if I could find some skinnies to fit up front with my cobra brakes, it should be do-able. Thanks for listening and your support through this year's build. I feel really good about this one because I did all the work myself with a little help from a buddy or two, but I didn't have to pay a builder to do any of it with the exception of the springs on the heads. It's such an awesome feeling!

Thanks again for your support Ed,

Brandon W



I got the car running last weekend. The engine idles with a ton of vacuum and runs without even a hiccup off idle. I assume this is because of the wider lobe separation. I only have a little street driving on it so far but I hope to run it on a chassis dyno in the next few weeks to set the carb and make sure everything is ok.

It is absolutely crazy when it starts making boost, it will smoke the 28x11.5 ET streets in high gear from a 40 mph float. I am very anxious to get things sorted out and get some track testing on it.

Thanks for a great job on the cam.

Brad B


Hey Ed,

I got the cam, AFR 165's and RPM intake on and just wanted to let you know how it went.

Max Power 295.0 @ 5750 RPM
Max Torque 299.2 @ 4250 RPM

BTW, results were on a Mustang Dyno....
Think we could have hit 300 but it started to lean out because I'm still using the stock 19# injectors. Can't wait to see what it runs at the track. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the cam and that I will definitely come to you for any future plans.

Bob Z


Evil Ed,

Thanks for the "POWER" to run with the big dogs!

Snooky Racing - NMRA Real Street


Hey Ed,

Thanks a TON for all your help!! The Factory Stocker and the Ferocious Focus projects are getting ready to rip the world a new one!

Olivia and Curtis
O&C Racing - NMRA Factory Stock and Wild Street


Hey Ed,

I just thought I'd drop you a note. I went for my first test drive today with a wideband and TwEECer installed to do some tuning. Things look great...except for my boxers. I'm going to need a new pair. :)
I did progressively bigger blasts...up to 3k, then up to 4k, then 4500, etc... so i could datalog and watch my a/f ratio and adjust accordingly. I'm glad I had my ET streets on or else the car would have been all over the road! The surprising part to me was how well this cam behaved! This cam is bigger than anything I've ever run before (duration wise) and it's got a very VERY healthy lope. However, the car doesn't want to stall out, and it doesn't even BUCK when cruising below 2k. I'm speechless! Hopefully the track performance will be just as impressive... that is if I have the balls to drive it like it needs to be driven. :)



Hey Ed,

This was my first time to run on a drag strip ever! It was an eighth mile, traction fair, my two best runs were 1.77 60' 7.89 seconds @ 88.39mph. The car weighs 3250 with driver. Using 26x11.50 ET streets on a spare pair of pony wheels.
Not bad for set of home ported inferior 6037's oh yeah & the right cam helps too!
I am a very satisfied customer. I plan to run HRP & have 1/4 mile #'s in a few weeks.




I took my car and had it dyno tuned yesterday. Just thought you might like to see the numbers since I got my cam from you. The car made 320 rwhp and 320 ft-lbs of torque. The car runs like a beast. I couldn't be any happier with the way it turned out. Thanks a lot for getting me the right cam! I think that has definitely made a difference. My mods are below just so you can have reference.

Thanks again.

Chris W

94 GT TFS Track Heat Intake, Twisted Wedge Heads, FTI Cam, 65mm TB, C&L 73mm MAF, 24# Injectors, Kirban AFPR, 255lph, BBK Long tubes, Off Road H-Pipe, BBK Under-drive Pulleys, Mac CAI, Pro 5.0 Shifter w/ tri-ax handle, Eibach springs, 3:73's, SPEC Clutch, JMS Chip



Just wanted to comment on how great the heads looked. Those adaptor plates looked like a part of the head itself. Steve was very impressed. The intake was awesome as well. We are hoping to fire it up on Thursday night and be on the dyno Saturday.

Thanks again.

Darin H. NMRA PS7


Great news!!! The car is finally running like it should. It turned out to be a dead injector, so basically I was running on 7 cylinders. It now runs great with tremendous torque. Because of all of the performance parts I've got, I thought it might be a bit soft at low revs, but thanks to that cam of yours I can pull a way from a stoplight in 3rd gear with no fuss and no drama.



Hey Ed,

I am dialing in the tune and getting close to having the small drivability gremlins slain. We have had a good bit of warm weather lately but a few days ago after dark the air was good and cool for making HP and I could not resist temptation and curiosity any longer. I have been working on the a/f thing so I have kept the spark down to be safe. Anyhow, I was needing some gas and I got to thinking to myself - - - I could add a little octane boost, richen up the a/f for the high load table, and spike up the spark a bit and see if I could feel a little of that old Ed Curtis magic I have heard people speak about. Man, that car is an animal. That thing just rocks. I LIKE IT! I could go on and on about how pleased I am.

I do want to give you a few observations of the combo so far and don't forget I am working on things like idle strategy and such, (it is a street car you know) and the tune is nowhere close to max power. I can idle it a bit low and it sounds like it is ready to take care of business, but if I bump it up to around 850 rpm, it sounds almost stock. Best of both worlds, don't you think? I have way more low end than I thought I would have. Mid range is very strong. The other night I pushed it to 5k a couple times and I was quite pleased. Don't forget it was fat with fuel and spark was a bit advanced but certainly not enough for max power. After a few low speed/high load test pulls to check for ping I knew I could stand on it. The first time I tried for a max effort I started at about 2k in second gear and mildly went to the floor with the skinny pedal and all was good until about 4k when the tires blew away. I went to a different location with concrete for better traction and had the same results at about 4500 rpm!

At that time I was so pumped all I could think about was two things. What if it would hold and I bet this thing will pull hard to 6k. I went to a different place suitable for a third gear pull. The tires bit and it did indeed pull HARD to 6k (ok 63 to 6400ish, it all happened so fast I was not quite prepared). Man that thing builds rpm's quick! That car took me from 50 to 100 mph in a heart beat. Just think what it will do when I get the a/f dialed in and jack up the spark!

I am thinking of the phrase BAD TO THE BONE. I will keep you updated with my progress. You know what Ed? Lately I have had thoughts like - - - Texas Motorplex somehow seems to not be that far away.

Thank You
Thank You
Thank You

Grady A


Jarett here,

You may remember I'm running a CHP-347, Twisted Wedge heads, Edelbrock RPM EFI, and the Stage One TFS cam. I dynoed (after tuning) at 312 rwhp and 348 rwtq. Then I changed to your cam and went to a bigger exhaust as per your instruction (from 1 5/8 shorty to a 1 3/4 LT). With no other changes, I just dynoed today at 373 rwhp 383 rwtq. A gain of 61 rwhp and 35 rwtq.

Thanks a million - It was well worth every penny.




You the man!!
Thanks for the info. I will try it and I'll pick up. I'm sure. I am going to jump on my soap box for a minute here. I have never dealt with anyone like you. Most people will sell you the product and offer little to no help after the sale. You are the complete opposite. Everyone I know that has dealt with you has nothing but positive things to say. For someone who is as busy as you are, you spend at least a half an hour or more talking about our cars. Helping with the tune and teaching me how to build an engine properly. As someone who hopes to make a living out of building Mustangs, that means a lot to me. I very much appreciate it.

I'm done.

Again, thank you.
Best Regards,

Jeff W


Hey Ed

Just checking to see if you'll be in Atlanta? It looks like we'll be there to iron out the car. It ran pretty well on the dyno this past weekend. Picked up some RWHP over last year and it's still making decent power (only approx. 25 rwhp less than at peak) at almost 7500 rpm. And there is no valve float at that rpm! It's amazing how much faster the car spins up now with the lightweight internals etc. I'll probably end up hitting the limiter the first couple of times out.

Talk to you soon,

Mark W


Hey Ed,

Just got done busting ass on the car. It doesn't run yet, but its a lot closer. Those heads look great! The adapter plates in particular are awesome! If they weren't a different color, you wouldn't be able to tell where they stopped and the heads began.

The intake is great too! It looks like it came that way from the factory. It does not surprise me that people are picking up so much with this mod. Just wanted to say thanks, and how impressed I am.

Steve M.
Owner of the "Evil Twin"


Hey Ed,

I'm gonna be pretty busy with the car here soon, and with PA's bow hunting season beginning in 4 weeks, I'm under the gun to get the car running and painted. I'm gonna TRY and leave you alone until I get it to the strip for a few trial runs, I'm praying that I make before my track closes. So if I don't talk to you by phone, I'll tell you now it was great dealing with you. Even if it doesn't run well, (I know it's gonna haul ass) I would still send my business your way ... simply for the entertaining and informative conversations! I learned a lot. Customer service goes a long way with me, it amazes me to call a shop and the guy running it actually remembers who the hell I am .... Especially with my unique name.

You're a real pro to deal with, I don't care what the numbskulls on the b.s. forums say about you! Keep giving 'em hell..... Take care dude! I'll drop you a line after I get to bang some gears in this sumbitch or if I need anything else.

Thanks a lot Ed.

Mike S.



I got all my stuff and I just want to thank you for being so quick in getting everything for me. I've been hot rodding almost 30 years and I've gotten to where I expect to have to call 5 times just to get someone moving. It's a real pleasure to deal with someone who delivers when they say they will.